Friday, September 18, 2015


An oldie but goodie--and by today's standards no doubt politically incorrect--one Christmas ad for Blackstone Cigars, December 1942. Just couldn't resist sharing it again. Click on the photo.

Blumchen still has instructions for making vintage inspired Victorian Christmas tinsel rosette ornaments online -- and they have everything you need: 

Post Labor Day Saling, a new adventure from Rob and Monica--and did we mention they found some vintage pink elephant Libbey glassware--click on the link

Really superb graphics on this BJ George Switch Tower

Have talked about the Collections Etc. site before and admittedly there's some items that won't interest you at all--but when they hit it just get the idea. Have ordered from them before--everything as represented in my experience and fast delivery 

Want more vintage? Especially putz houses and Christmas villages? Go here

And by special request—courtesy of our friend Larry—a.k.a. WoodenShoe—and his wife Sandy—a recipe for…PISTACHIO CAKE!

1 pkg. White Cake Mix; ½ cup water; 5 eggs, 1-teaspoon vanilla; ½ cup milk, ½ cup oil

2 pkgs. Instant Pistachio Pudding

Optional--extra nuts

Mix all ingredients above for 4 min. Bake at 350 for 50 min. Check cake to be sure it is thoroughly baked. (Two layers) - Frosting: 1 pkg. Instant Pistachio Pudding, ½ cup milk, One 12 oz. Pkg. Cool whip - Stir pudding, milk, add cool whip, use mixer for a short time. Note: Pudding makes cake batter heavy and it will fall while cooling. Enjoy!


  1. Tx for the recipe. Perfect Halloween cake with orange tinted icing.

  2. Every Christmas my father would get a box of cigars which were, for our family, a very expensive gift. It was the one luxury item he allowed himself. They would have to last the entire year and despite this, he was always generous with them, so much so that around July, they were all gone. He also allowed himself one bottle of Southern Comfort for the holiday season and that too would be gone shortly after New Year. I used to tell him that when I grew up and was rich, I'd buy him all the Southern Comfort and cigars he wanted. He used to say oh but then I wouldn't appreciate them so much. I miss that guy.

  3. That Blackstone Cigar ad is so funny!
    Thanks for adding a link to our blog, too, Maria! We always appreciate it! (Rob)