Saturday, September 5, 2015


Ah those 1920's--and another one of those photos that just speaks to you! Courtesy of our friend Howard Murray, a very 1920's Halloween party.  

It's followed by Christmas Greetings--1928--from Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel under the mistletoe with actress Marion Byron of MGM.

And finally one of our favorite "Spook Hill" putz houses from Howard Lamey. Click on the photos and enjoy.

Again you can find the patterns and more here

TRAIN TIME FROM TOYS AND STUFF: Another post in the 'forgotten fotos file', the Lionel #1688E Commodore Vanderbilt. I took these photos just prior to selling the engine. When I switched from HO scale model railroading to 3-rail O-gauge, I was pretty much feeling out different tinplate and toy trains. Lionel was something I never had as a kid but certainly its reputation was known to me.  Understandably it was a natural to start collecting. But then I latched on to Marx and my Lionel infatuation pretty much ended. Marx was cheaper, and more toy-like which is what I was looking for. 


Another new "Saling Adventure" from Rob and Monica: East or West? And a great collection of vintage Christmas snowpeople blowmolds too

For fans of the 1890's and vintage board games too

Can't get enough vintage? Go here

And in honor of Labor Day: THE VINTAGE WORKER

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  1. Lamey is one of the most talented putz builders I have seen. Some years ago there was also a woman who made houses. I forget her name. I think it was Saltbox on Ebay? Do you know her?