Friday, September 11, 2015


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Croton Dems: Ignorant of municipal finance or intentionally misleading the public?

The following letter was published in this week’s issue of The Gazette from Croton United's Bob Anderson.

To the Editor,

Recent letters to this newspaper about Croton’s bond rating by Trustee and candidate Andy Levitt, Trustee Brian Pugh, and Croton Dems Chair Paul Rolnick demonstrate that they are either woefully ignorant of municipal finance or are intentionally misleading the public. 

In the July 30 issue of the Gazette Levitt wrote (and Rolnick and Pugh have essentially repeated), “Moody’s, the independent bond rating agency . . . raised Croton’s bond rating to Aa2 in 2011. That’s two levels better than the A1 rating during the prior Schmidt administration.” 

This is totally false. Croton’s bond rating hasn’t changed in more than ten years. 

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  1. Wow, as me sainted mudder would say, that's one BIG blunder. Or something else entirely. Thank you Bob.

  2. You know I wondered about these statements that they were making at the time because not that long ago the Wall Street Journal had something about bonds. Thank you Bob for making the time to look into this. The choices are really simple here. They're either incompetent or misleading the public. Whatever it is they look bad on this one a lot. You can add it to a long list. This village board has to go.

  3. Oh boy, I'd love to hear their explanation for this one. Who will get the blame for this one I wonder.

  4. Thank you Bob. I wanted to say something about this in a letter but you know the old story. I am so grateful you exposed the spin. I did send a thank you note to Moody's though and explained why they were getting it.

  5. That's a great idea. Maybe Moody's needs to explain it to them again or maybe...........