Thursday, September 24, 2015


With Halloween just about a month away, we continue our vintage Halloween coverage!

First up, an outstanding 1965 MUNSTERS lunch box, featured in a previous auction, (complete with King Seely thermos not shown here), at Croton's own It sold for $172.50. 

It's followed by a page from the 1966 edition of MONSTER WORLD magazine, Meet the Addams Family, also featured in a previous auction from - the magazine sold for $31.05

There's also a 1959 Kool-aid ad--come on, admit it, you liked it then--not so much now. 

And finally one of our favorite Halloween putz houses from Howard Lamey (yes, it's true, we have so many)!  Click on the photos and enjoy.

And of course - Halloween trains 'N Towns primer from Paul Race on the link

MATCHLESS STAR Christmas lights--

A simply fantastic collection of vintage imps and pixies—made in Japan, some never seen before
A collection of record album covers you have seldom if ever seen before, some guaranteed to make you smile...or say what were they thinking! 

To the reader who asked about her latest tag sale find; you have a 1930's Cheer-O-Lite Christmas tree; click on the link

Want more vintage Christmas, feather trees, spun cotton ornaments and more? Go here

And in case you forgot: Available for purchase now at Serious Toyz, the Millstream Matchbox Archive.  Go here

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  1. After school everyday in 3rd and 4th grade, always a jug of orange kool-aid in the fridge even in the winter with a plate of cookies on the table. Mom knew what I needed.