Friday, May 16, 2014


Village officials have had very little to say publicly about Croton, HUD, and the affordable housing settlement.  (Croton is one of several communities deemed to have exclusionary/restrictive zoning, i.e., Harmon re-zoning, by the housing monitor).

Instead most of what residents have learned from the village has only been obtained through the freedom of information process.

With that said, in response to a foil request for certain HUD, housing and related documents from 1/1/14 thru 4/25/14, the following has been received. These are the facts contained in the documents provided by the village:

--A 73 page response contains, among other things, a series of emails between the Village, the Croton Housing Network, its representatives, etal. concerning the following location: 175 Old Post Rd. North. 

--Known as the "Bell Mansion", the house and site is currently for sale, is approximately 18 acres, has 12 bedrooms, and with an asking price of $2.5 million. You can see the listing here

--Discussion of this site (175 Old Post Rd. North) occurs throughout these documents between between village officials, the Croton Housing Network (CHN) and others for use as "shared housing".  For those who are wondering what "shared housing" is, the following was located on the village website. This is from the May 31, 2001 minutes of the Comprehensive Plan Committee chaired by Ms. Gallelli:

"Ms. Shatzkin made the following points....Also looking at the concept of shared housing – communal kitchen and private living space – like an old Victorian house with a large kitchen and many bedrooms.  This concept might require support from social services.  This concept is for very-low income people."

--You can read more about 175 Old Post Road North in one of the emails received below; it is dated April 14, 2014. Click on the image below.

--As mentioned above, this foil response from the village is 73 pages and covers 175 Old Post Road North and a number of other issues. The response is too large to place online. If you would like to know more, a copy is available by request. Please email

The pdf file is 3MB.  This post is now open to comments.  All comments will be moderated as necessary. Please provide thoughtful measured responses. Additional items from this foil response will be forthcoming as necessary.



  1. If this wonderful home does become shared housing who is going to maitain this beauty or in 15 years will taxpayers be paying to tear it down

  2. Good points, anything new on this boondoggle?