Tuesday, May 13, 2014


From 1951, a magazine ad for BORN YESTERDAY starring Judy Holliday, William Holden and Broderick Crawford.  One of our favorite films.

Followed by an ad for Operation Pacific, also 1951, with John Wayne and Patricia Neal--so well suited to each other--perfect on screen chemistry. Click on the photos.

Look what Howard Lamey of littleglitterhouses.com has been up to---There's no place like gnome http://bit.ly/2ho67gE

PaperMart is a really fun site for all things "paper" from party supplies to  packaging to inspiration http://www.papermart.com/HOME

They also have these great battery powered thin wire LED lights at a very good price. I have these sets and they lasted through the whole Christmas season--with about 6-8 hours on a day. They're perfect for that place where you don't have an outlet--and are super bright--great inside putz houses--be aware, however, that the cool white does not look good in houses with blue windows http://www.papermart.com/l-e-d-light-garland/id=38075?SearchItemNumber=60896700

For the reader who missed out on the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer lights at the estate sale, these are very very close--and not bad at all for a repro http://bit.ly/2zRoTZ0

Want more vintage? Go here http://bit.ly/1qBon75

Yes, yes, we vintage holiday enthusiasts start months IN ADVANCE--looking for a Halloween train to go with your Halloween village? 

Here you go! http://bit.ly/2zR1Hdz

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  1. What made Neal and Wayne so good in this film was their strength together. It was very easy to believe that these two would naturally fall in love. She was a very under-rated actress in my opinion.