Sunday, May 4, 2014


There's something about vintage department store windows (this one's from 1910-1915)--and especially Christmas windows. We think that many of the items here must have been manufactured by Steiff--especially the elephant and bison--but it doesn't really matter. It's just a great photo--followed by Google is celebrating Audrey Hepburn's birthday; the iconic star would have been 85; and her image is still everywhere--read more here - click on all the photos, including a great album from The Ventures--and enjoy!

Tiny Things Are Cute has updated their "fresh finds" for May: three pages of some very useful things for miniaturists and putz villages. From flamingos to vintage chicks, horses, rabbits and more--and did we mention poodles (!); click on the link

Howard passed along a great link; check out the amazing world of Alan Wolfson here

We found this great old album at a tag sale yesterday--loved the cover--and of course we loved The Ventures growing up. Unfortunately now we can't get the theme from Hawaii Five-O or Sukiyaki out of our heads! Click on the photo.

We love visiting 
this Hi-Fi holiday

A blast from E.C. Vintage Past, scans from the 1970's magazine PACK-O-FUN, filled with lots of kitsch

And here's the PACK-O-FUN with all the Christmas putz house patterns/templates

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  1. Was in a band in 1971 with a guitarist who thought the Ventures were the greatest Rock and Roll band ever. When I voiced the thought that they were really a group of studio musicians coming together to do instrumental covers of already popular songs, he almost took my head off. Sacrilege!