Tuesday, June 12, 2012


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Continuing our 2012 CROTON MEMORIES SERIES here at Everything Croton, a visit to 1920 with THE CROTONIAN BLUE-BIRDS. 

We loved everything about this photo of the “Crotonian Blue-birds” from 1920: the name of the band, the playful expression of some, the deadly-seriousness of others! Standing left to right: Joseph Germinero, Raymond Kimball, Callahan Geo Ferris, Frank Hutchinson, Thomas Stanton, Harvey Woods, John Donohue, Bob Gildersleeve, Bert Leicht, John Murnin, Ed Garrison, Louis Giglio, Lonard Kimball & Joseph Zerello. Drummers: Joseph Radowsky, Elburn Smith, Martin Gregory, Herbert Chase, William McCarthy and Robert Keate, instructor. Click on the photo. As always, many thanks to the Croton Historical Society. Stay tuned for more Croton Memories 2012. To see past editions: 

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  1. That's what we used to call ourselves Crotonians not the newer Crotonite which sounds like something that could fell Superman. Crotonian just seems to have a nicer ring to it!