Thursday, June 14, 2012


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The 6/14/12 Gazette article - CROTON ADVISED OF BULKHEAD'S ADVANCING DETERIORATION -  Highlights only; to read the entire article, pick up your copy of THE GAZETTE on sale just about everywhere in the village:

-Trustees, representatives of the yacht club, and Ocean and Coastal Consultants met at a work session last Monday night; specifications should be ready for release to contractors by the end of July
-Board was advised by O&CC that the recent discovery of sinkholes mandates that the project move forward (Editor's note: see 4/30/12 email from the Croton Yacht Club to the board notifying them of the sinkholes AT
-Replacement tentatively scheduled to begin in the fall. Bids would have to be reviewed before awarding of contract.
-Village trustees maintain that the replacement of the bulkhead is Croton's responsibility, as the property owner, and is not tied to how much compensation it receives from the club.
-Just under 90 feet of the original bulkhead was replaced by the club in 1990.

AGAIN, read the entire article in the new edition of THE GAZETTE.

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  1. Well it's unfortunate cost-wise but necessary. We can start lessening the impact on the community by cutting out the $225K we're supposed to spend next year on the bicycle path and give back the grant money. Then we can stop talking about taking Gouveia off the tax rolls once and for all and let her pay taxes like the rest of us. Then we can try and sell the Katz property again and at least get some of our money back there although we will be lucky tobreak even what with the loss of taxes it should have been paying all these years,the money we lost fighting the owner when we were warned we would be sued AND LOSE (we settled up because we WERE indeed going to lose), and between all these things, the pain of having to repair the bulkhead will at least be lessened somewhat

  2. I'm with you on this one Peter. While I understand more about the situation now than I did initially, we're going to have start cutting back on things like bike lanes but you know what, they'll never do it.