Friday, June 8, 2012


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Because significant sinkholes are now present at the Croton Yacht Club bulkhead, we thought it was important to re-print the link to their letter from the Gazette of a few weeks ago: Click

Pasted below is formal notification to the village by the Croton Yacht Club regarding the bulkhead
April 30, 2012 To: Village Board of Trustees
Copy to: Abraham Zambrano, Village Manager
Subject: Bulkhead Sink Holes
The Croton Yacht Club (Tenant) is making formal notification to the Village of Croton (Landlord) of conditions recently discovered relating to undermined conditions along the western bulkhead (retaining wall). As a result of the  deteriorated condition of the over 50 year old bulkhead, erosion of upland soil and fill material has occurred and continues toadvance along the shoreline and underneath the concrete cap and sidewalk. After noticing a small sink hole at the North West corner of the bulkhead, a detailed inspection of the site on 4/27/12 revealed a void approximately 28’ x 11’x5’ in size under the sidewalk and concrete cap (see attached photo). This discovery prompted the Yacht Club to conduct test borings along the entire western bulkhead perimeter in order to determine if similar voids exist. Our test results revealed that additional significant voids exist at four other locations (see attachments) along the bulkhead and in areas where prior mitigation efforts have been undertaken. The results of this effort and supporting documentation attached only reflects our findings at these designated test sites and does not dismiss the possibility that other similar or more serious conditions may exist in other locations. The Yacht Club has taken the precautionary action of isolating the perimeter of the western bulkhead with “Caution” tape to prevent public access until such time as the Village performs its own evaluation and provides direction to the Yacht Club. Since restricting public pedestrian access may not be in accordance with our lease agreement, we are asking for your written consent within five days that the precautionary action we have taken is appropriate and adequate under the circumstances. As always, the Yacht Club is committed to being of service to the community and we await your direction and guidance on this development.
Croton Yacht Club, Board of Directors Bob Bruce, Commodore Dennis Kooney, Director Robert Dusconi

6/14/12 UPDATED:


  1. Hope no one gets hurt. Imagine the liability the village would have since it is their responsibility.

  2. That memo is dated April 30th and this board thought Harmon re-zoning was more important????????

  3. The Yacht Club represents a place that heightens the interest in COH. Everyone wants to be near the water.

    That said, the COH landlord should make the place safe and sturdy. Any landlord should make needed repairs and monitor its property regularly. The structural issues at the Yacht Club did not happen overnight - but require a much more immediate resolution by the Village.