Saturday, November 20, 2021


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Calls grow from legislators for Gov. Kathy Hochul to set path to end mask mandate in schools---The calls for rules in schools for masks comes when the Public Health and Health Planning Council recommended masks be used in schools and other public places. Gary Stern Rockland/Westchester Journal News

Calls are growing for Gov. Kathy Hochul to indicate what it will take for vaccinated students to be allowed to take off their masks inside schools.

State Assemblymember Amy Paulin penned a letter this week to Hochul, signed by 17 fellow Assemblymembers, calling for the state to set a threshold for when masks can be removed, saying that doing so will "incentivize vaccination, provide clarity to school districts, and help our children and communities."

Their letter noted research indicating that masks may disrupt children's interactions with their peers and their ability to form relationships with educators.


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Little Evidence Supports Use of Cloth Masks to Limit Spread of Coronavirus: Analysis By Zachary Stieber--November 15, 2021 Updated: November 15, 2021---Cloth masks are of little use against COVID-19, according to a recently published analysis. Federal health authorities and a slew of jurisdictions require or recommend wearing masks as a way to limit spread of the virus that causes COVID-19.   But a trio of researchers pored over the studies often cited by the officials and found they were poorly designed and offered scant evidence supporting mask usage.  MORE AT EPOCH TIMES HERE.

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