Monday, November 22, 2021


Though they have been on the scene for a years now, those new energy efficient light bulbs we're all being forced to use are posing unique---and sometimes dangerous problems--for those of us who own vintage or antique lighting.

Johanne Yakula of FROM TIMES PAST addresses the issue and provides some possible solutions:

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UDPATED: Fortunately copies of SOME of the old Edison bulbs are being made today but remain very can also get some of the old fashioned globe light bulbs, for the moment, at Home Depot.

And you may also enjoy this outstanding MID-CENTURY MODERN LIGHTING COLLECTION AND MORE at

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  1. We have the hanging lamp shown in the picture in avacado green. We have had to order special tube bulbs you can't find any more from a hardware supply house in Florida (old new stock) and we scored a half dozen bulbs. It's ridiculous the hoops you have to jump through these days to save something from the landfill.