Saturday, April 18, 2020


At the request of local attorneys monitoring the legal ramifications of the governor's "mandate" and the reported social media claims of some residents that village residents will be arrested......

LOHUD--ALBANY – How do you convince New Yorkers to wear masks if you can't impose a penalty when they don't?

Law-enforcement officials across the state are about to find out.

New York's coronavirus mask order took effect Friday at 8 p.m., two days after Gov. Andrew Cuomo first announced it.

Anyone who is in public must cover their nose and face with a mask or cloth covering when unable to maintain social distance, according to the mandate. It will be up to police departments and sheriff's offices to enforce compliance with the new order, which is meant to help slow the torrid spread of the novel coronavirus in New York, the country's COVID-19 epicenter.

But Cuomo has made clear: Nobody will be taken to jail for violating the mask order. And as of now, there are no fines or civil penalties either, meaning law enforcement can't do much other than remind offenders they must cover their face.

"The local governments have police forces," Cuomo said Thursday on CNN. "They can enforce it. They will enforce it. We don't have a civil fine that goes with this now, but we could. And I believe people are going to follow it."

............ Executive orders that aren’t enforceable put police in “an impossible situation,” said Pat Phelan, police chief in the town of Greece, near Rochester.


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