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Croton Animal Hospital visits Pet Connection and SPARC
Posted on December 16, 2019 by CAH

This Fall I made two visits to SPARC’s pet connection session with my two dogs, Freddy and Erin, and one of my rabbits, Snowy. SPARC is an organization based in Yorktown that provides therapeutic recreation activities to people with developmental disabilities. Through these activities individuals develop friendships, independence and inclusion skills. I was fortunate enough to visit with 8-10 adults who had varying degrees of disabilities, both physical and cognitive, and their aides. Both evenings we met in Harrison in a church community room and each person had time to interact with my dogs and rabbit. We were able to elicit language and physical displays of affection for the animals, even if only briefly for some of the participants. For their parts, the dogs relished the opportunity to have the additional contact time with caring humans. Although Freddy, a young mini labradoodle, was a little concerned by the motorized wheel chairs on the first visit, he quickly regained his composure and had no reaction on our second visit.  


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