Saturday, November 23, 2019


November 23, 2019 The following letter was published in this week’s issue of the Gazette.


To the editor:

“Let brown people in to rape our daughters in Westchester. Our white, blonde daughters.”

Sleazy gutter politics? Nothing new for Croton. This is a woke variant on the type of dog-whistle politics which is as old as the Ku Klux Klan.

For those people who thought that living in a one-party village would improve the level of civility, think again. As residents of Croton know, the quote above is from Croton resident Catherine Borgia—the senior politician of the Croton Democrats. Faced with token opposition, the Croton Democratic Party decided to make an example of the only person to contest a race.

So a few months ago, Ms. Borgia told an audience that back in 2017 her opponent had sent a mailer out claiming that Borgia wanted to let “brown”people in to rape “our white, blonde daughters.” She added that one of the children in the photograph looked like her child. In the wake of the success of this lie, Ms. Borgia doubled down with a statement on Facebook that her opponent “spent most of the last campaign calling me an ugly slut.”

When asked to produce the document, Ms. Borgia’s spokesperson said that she “had a recollection” of its existence and when asked point blank about the basis for her allegations, the response was: “her memory.”

2017 was just two years ago. In an age of cellphone video and YouTube, this would have been front-page news. Yet nothing exists, because it did not happen. So the Croton Democrats created alternative facts. Ms. Borgia had a recovered memory. Since she had a recovered memory of being victimized, it must be true. Those are the rules in 2019.

If in 2019 we still believed in objective reality, we would call Ms. Borgia a liar.

Of course, nobody really believes Ms. Borgia. But her decision to smear her opponent with such a vile charge was wildly popular in Croton, and she will remain in the county legislature until Ms. Galef vacates her seat for Ms. Borgia and the voters march to the polls to rubber-stamp her coronation.

Maria Trunzo Slippen is a former Croton trustee. Now that Croton has taken over the Cortlandt Dems, the toxic Croton style is now spreading to Cortlandt. Ms. Slippen holds that people who say Ms. Borgia lied are merely expressing an opinion, and she even said that this has been “positive press” for the opponent who was smeared.

If you ask anyone to define Croton, the first thing you will hear is that we are “progressive” and then you will hear about how we are so nice and neighborly to each other.


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  1. Was the final straw that moved me to another church. It was building for a long time and it was just time to go someplace with a different focus.