Saturday, November 9, 2019


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FROM THE CROTON FIRE DEPT. FB PAGE: Rumor Control Time! No, a gasoline tanker did not catch fire today.

No, our Tanker isn’t a transformer that was mid-transformation on Grand Street around 1:00 today.

Yes, our Tanker did, in fact, catch fire today...While returning to Quarters after operating for nearly seven hours at a house fire in Yorktown, our Tanker 10 had a minor fire in it’s engine compartment, isolated to an AC compressor and fan belt.

Crew members utilized a fire extinguisher to quickly knock it down, our DPW mechanics came and identified the issue and we were able to drive it back to it’s firehouse to await some minor repairs. We anticipate Tanker 10 returning to service in only a few days. Thanks to Millwood Fire for checking on us! No big deal! 

***UPDATE: Tanker 10 is back in service as of 7:45 PM!***PHOTO HERE

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