Monday, November 11, 2019


Your editor has received a rather lengthy comment that "local government" must now consider what it can do to restrict the number of self check-outs (automated check-outs) a store can have---and if necessary, to craft the appropriate law and dedicate village personnel to enforce that law.  The commenter also claims that "self check-outs cost jobs",  "demoralizes workers", "furthers inequality", etc.  Your editor will spare you the rest.

Instead, this recent article from the Wall Street is recommended reading; highlights and link follow:


Big Labor has had big success getting politicians to raise the minimum wage, despite warnings that it could lead to more automation. Well, what do you know, now the Oregon AFL-CIO wants voters to limit self-checkout kiosks in grocery stores....Violators would pay hefty fines....The draft initiative claims “grocery stores provide many people with their primary place of social connection and sense of community,” but self-service checkouts add “to social isolation and related negative health consequences” for shoppers. It claims the kiosks “contribute to retail workers feeling devalued”.....READ THE REST AT


  1. we love the self check out at ShopRite although the software program they use has an ocassional glitch. But it is faster than waiting for people who have now taken to packing their groceries in reusable bags like they are putting together a puzzle. Some people take forever! I'm glad to have the option to get in and out.