Wednesday, February 6, 2019


So many wonderful things to share with you--as always, click on the photos and links.

First up, by special request, the 1963 Miniature Knights & Castle Playset from Marx. Featured in a previous auction @ Croton's own, it sold for $216.16--And all the pieces were there too!

Next is the 1956 Marx Robin Hood playset, featured in a previous auction at SERIOUSTOYZ as well; it sold for $196.00 some years ago.

It's followed by a close-up of one of our favorite Howard Lamey putz houses--USO Dance Tonight (at the high school). The vintage soldiers are probably by Barclay.

Again, click on the photos and links.

Speaking of toy soldiers, here's a site for your consideration: SPILLWAY TOY SOLDIERS.   Offerings include The French & Indian War, the Texas War for Independence, The Civil War, Buffalo Soldiers and much more

We've featured this video for making Z scale scenery trees but really it has so many applications--and is quite satisfying to watch again!  CLICK HERE.

And from ToyConnect:  In keeping with the most recent theme of MPC's military toys from the '60 & '70s we bring you this really cool Armoured Vehicle-Launched Bridge or AVLB. 

See the photos and video at

And an oldie but goodie from a friend thinking about making her own castle putz--from Howard Lamey--keepp scrolling down the page once you get there; click here

Remember Broken Arrow--and Cochise? Go here 

To the reader looking to expand her knowledge of model train track plans, this might help:

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  1. My dad used to bring home White Castle hamburgers, some Pepsi, and we'd be allowed to stay up past our bedtime to watch this show. It's one of my happiest memories. Thanks.