Sunday, February 11, 2018


So much to tell you about--first up, the latest repro of a MADE IN JAPAN Christmas putz house by Howard Lamey of it from start to finish at the Cardboard Christmas Forums

It's followed by a fabulous museum exhibit--a paper nativity Berlin 2017--courtesy of our Flickr friend Thomas Quine a.k.a. Quinet.  There is so much to take in on this one.

We've been treated to some of his fabulous vintage and antique photos throughout the years. The photo is sliced and diced into close-ups so you can appreciate all the "faux flattie" goodness.

Click on the images and enjoy. See his antique and vintage "toy castles" here:

Vintage Valentine's Heart Candy Boxes, some outstanding examples

Making trees from plastic straws, or if you prefer "lavender flowers", a fun way to recycle plastic straws

Remembering Shirley Temple, still iconic after all these years 

(also featuring Baby Peggy and The Little Rascals); CLICK HERE   

Paul's 2017 Christmas train 

From Croton's own Jan Johnsen's Serenity in the Garden blog, two recent posts: Eeyore's Garden Advice (yes Eeyore!)  and A Succulent Plant Valentine, A How To

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  1. GREAT PAPER NATIVITY. We had one of these from a French newspaper that my mom glued on cardboard and cut out until we could save up and get a "real" one. We've got a real one now but what I wouldn't give to have that paper nativity and my Mom cooking the holiday meal in our tiny kitchen again. Thanks for the memory.