Saturday, February 17, 2018


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Your editor is often astonished at the number of "wish we had this" or "wish we had that" foodie comments that are out there.  The latest involves a desire for more ethnic food--including--surprise----things we ALREADY HAVE or more importantly, have ALREADY HAD in the not so distant past.

My favorite complaints involved a desire for a TAPAS restaurant, "a Ramen stand" and a "Caribbean place".  Where to begin.

Croton has had not one, BUT TWO, tapas restaurants.  The most recent failed about three years ago, despite being critically acclaimed.  That being said, new restaurant YUKA'S LATIN FUSION--CLICK ON THE PHOTO--offers classic and contemporary Latin fare--and has TAPAS MONDAYS. Yuka's has been featured on the Everything Croton MUST-TRY list from time to time, and has received excellent reviews. 

Then there were complaints that we could sure use a "Caribbean place".  Croton had a Caribbean place--it was called FLAVA--where EATALIA ON HUDSON is currently.  It closed approximately three or four years ago.  Excellent jerked chicken, excellent reviews.

And while Croton does not have the kind of population numbers (for which many are grateful) that could sustain a "stand" dedicated to "Ramen", you can still get EXCELLENT RAMEN at Asagao Japanese Cuisine (click on the photo).  Asagao too, has been featured many times on the E.C. Must-Try lists and has also received excellent reviews. Contemporary decor.

In short, residents who truly believe restaurants or "stands" dedicated to Tapas, Ramen, or Caribbean food will survive here, are certainly encouraged to pursue their dreams and invest their own cash.  Or in the alternative, to support what we have currently...


  1. We have Indian. We have Peruvian. We have Mexican. We have Italian. WTHeck.

  2. And the drive to Ossining, Peekskill or even Tarrytown is not far. Not everything is in Croton, but it is available within a reasonable distance. I'm not understanding why it has to be only in Croton for it to be considered local.

    1. Boy do I agree with you. Thanks to this blog, we've learned about lots of "local" spots but I guess for some folks it doesn't count unless you can walk or bicycle to it!!!!!!!!!!

  3. People are always free to open up what they think can and will survive here instead of wanting OTHER people to foot the bills for their dreams.