Sunday, February 18, 2018


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The Hudson Valley experienced what's been commonly referred to----since pre-Revolutionary War days----as an "ephemeral snowstorm"---wet, heavy, fast falling, quickly accumulating, and then almost gone in a warming trend just a few short hours later.  (Click on the first photo).

There was still time, however, for some sledding at Croton Gorge (click on the photo), while the hill at Croton Point Park above the playground was packed as well.

Meanwhile Croton Colonial--a.k.a. "the diner"--was teeming with the Sunday post-Church breakfast crowd--they make pancakes that are lighter than air--and later, it was family-central at Capriccio's II -- not to mention, take-out city at Capricco's I, Croton Mini Deli, and Franki's Grill

The Sunday buffet at Raga Indian Cuisine was nothing short of amazing (as usual)--read the Everything Croton review here -- while eagles were just about everywhere but especially at....

Lake Meahagh in Verplanck---we spotted at least fifteen eagles on the remaining ice sheet--but they were too far out for your editor's telephoto (click on the photo below).

Normally they congregate instead on the Verplanck waterfront or at the new Veterans Park but the absence of ice is always a game-changer for eagle watchers and there was none to be found in those locations.

Kudos to Croton's DPW who did an outstanding job cleaning up both the village's parking lot--and the entire village overall--but especially in the business districts.  

And of course to one and all who got their sidewalks cleared for their neighbors and the church-goers. (Click on the photo below). 

All and all a banner day in the Hudson Valley...and of course, Croton-on-Hudson.

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  1. We saw one at Croton Point that was so close but I didn't have my phone.

  2. The trees out at the Point were magical.