Wednesday, February 14, 2018


A READER ASKS: Since the all Democratic board of trustees will vote unanimously next TUESDAY night 2/20 to put all residents (not already in one) into a CCA program, is there a way I can “opt out” ahead of time before they implement the program (which is always mentioned but with no instructions attached as to how) and avoid the hassle. I have reservations and would like to see how it goes since there may be even better options to choose from. Is there someone I can talk to to get some help with this?

ANSWER: Yes. You can call Con Edison at 1-800-752-6633 and block your account. You may have to wait until you get a representative, depending on the time of day but be patient. You can always unblock your account in the future and it will be “YOUR CHOICE”. By the way, almost 25% of residents have made the choice to have their energy provided by another ESCO (Energy Service Company) on their own and are not affected by this current plan. If you have any additional questions, a number of residents are willing to assist by providing nonpartisan, unbiased information about the program, including former Deputy Mayor Bob Anderson. Send me your email and address and I will be happy to forward the information. THERE IS ALSO A FAQ PAGE ON THE CON EDISON WEBSITE for any additional general questions

P.S. UPDATED--YOUR EDITOR HAD LITTLE DIFFICULTY GETTING THROUGH--account has been blocked for both gas and electric--in other words, NO MIGRATION unless the account is unblocked.


A READER WRITES: The Town roads are in terrible shape. What gives?

ANSWER: In fairness to the Town of Cortlandt, salt, snow and plowing take their toll. In addition, asphalt plants do not open until the spring.  You should direct your questions about town roads to the TOC; here is their website


  1. Supervisor Puglisi still hasn't had Cortlandt join yet right?

    1. To my knowledge Cortlandt has not joined. Paste this link from Oct. 2017 into your browser

    2. Please direct your questions to the Supervisor and Board. Paste this link into your browser for contact info

      You might also reach out to residents in Cortlandt, Buchanan, Montrose, Verplanck, for their thoughts.