Thursday, February 8, 2018


A reader complains that commercial flower growers use too many resources. If need be, local businesses must be forced to use only "sustainable growers" and less plastic wrapping especially supermarkets.

Your editor's response. Force--there's that word again. Normally this wouldn't receive the slightest recognition but it's indicative of how little time the commenter has actually invested in the local business community.

Because many supermarkets, including Shoprite, sell flowers that are RAINFOREST ALLIANCE CERTIFIED; you can find the designation on most of what's being offered.  This designation, according to the tag, means that the bouquet "CONTAINS 75% ALLIANCE CERTIFIED FLOWERS".  In addition the "plastic wrapping" on most of the bouquets we've seen is marked OXO BIODEGRADABLE PACKAGING.

Perhaps the commenter would like to direct his or her attention to other local businesses that use "too many resources" or in the alternative, he or she can grow their own short, less flailing, more reading....


  1. Better still, move out of Croton. Houses in Croton are large and residents have a big carbon footprint. If you move to an apartment and ditch the car, you will save the planet.

    And what is the deal with Lexus SUVs and Land Rovers parked outside the postcard writing events?? How can you drive your gas-guzzling land yacht to sip coffee and write postcards whining about Trump pulling out of the Paris Accord? Seems a bit hypocritical to me.

    1. It's 2019 and nothing has changed. Today during the lunch run, both sides of the street parked up with maybe two or three compacts in a sea of SUV's and pick up trucks. Not a hybrid or an Electric in the bunch.

  2. Hey, Croton; How’s that new hardware store? You must be really proud: no emissions, no carbon footprint, actually no footprint of any type. That’s because you don’t have a hardware store. Kinda makes you unique. Croton people like being unique.

  3. May I assume the commenter lives in a NYSERDA approved home sustained by solar, wind or geothermal(no gas or oil) and drives a hybrid or a bike with cost not a factor?
    Grow you own flowers with rainwater and force others to do the same.