Thursday, May 5, 2016


U.S. wildlife managers on Wednesday again proposed granting 30-year permits to wind farms that would forgive them for thousands of eagle deaths expected during that time frame from collisions of the birds with turbines, towers and electrical wires.  The proposed rule, like one struck down by a federal judge last year, would greatly extend the current five-year time frame in the permits required under U.S. law for the “incidental take” of eagles, including those killed by obstacles erected in their habitat.

Wind energy companies have pressed the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to lengthen the terms of the eagle permits, saying a five-year duration left too much uncertainty and hampered investment in the burgeoning renewable power industry.


  1. What many "greenies" fail to realize that while for some this is genuine concern for the environment, fr many others it is SIMPLY BUSINESS. I'm frankly exhausted by the holier than thou attitude of people who want to lecture people on what energy is best while at the same advocating a program that will use fracked gas! And you know exactly what program I am talking about. It's never as simple as wind is better than nuclear is better than gas is better than solar...........there are always perils and agendas. Let's at least have a honest conversation about that side of the equation instead of trying to tell our neighbors what they should and should not be doing.

  2. This is terrible news. Thanks Huffington for breaking the story.

  3. Thanks to the Croton Dems for drawing our attention to this Everything Croton post.

    I should point out that HuffPo (which originated this story) is hardly "Fox News"

    All energy sources have merits and drawbacks. There is nothing wrong with admitting something which has been discussed for some years in the environmental community.

    The death of golden eagles (and other birds) is a concern and the F&WS should be working with the energy industry and avian organizations to reduce these deaths.

    It may be that the eagle deaths are both unavoidable and better than alternative energy sources.

    That is a legitimate discussion to have, and there is nothing wrong with Everything Croton raising this issue, nor is there anything wrong with Everything Croton taking an editorial position.

  4. They complain about everything Mr. S. If they spent more time focusing on legitimate questions and raised by Huffington Post no less instead of adhering to the agenda. Why shouldn't people be concerned about the eagles? Good grief.

  5. Why are the Croton Dems saying this is your position on wind when the article is from Huffington Post? Have we now gotten to the point where you can't link to stories like this because it interferes with their agenda? I tried to post a comment on their FB page but can't. Is there something special I need to do? They say this is Fox News when the article isn't from Fox. Linda

  6. I'm aware of it. Don't get yourself upset. BTW Huffington will have a follow up article. Stay tuned.

  7. So enlightening to see that the Croton Dems' OFFICIAL POSITION on important environmental issues is one of ignorance and ridicule.

    1. Not that they care, but this IS the home of Eagle Fest. Shame on these ignorant, agenda driven people!