Wednesday, May 18, 2016


For many people hot mulled cider is for fall, Christmas and winter. But back in the mid-60's to early 70's, hot Dr. Pepper was all the rage instead, then it quickly fell out of favor. 

We just may have to revive this tradition again in November to see if it is as good as we remember. To the right a 1972 ad for the libation, comple with Dr. Pepper warming rig.  Click on the photo.

Today we learned about something called Vantablack, the darkest material ever made. Read more about it here

Remembering Elizabeth Montgomery of Bewitched fame, who died this date in 1995

Meanwhile over at the OLD CHRISTMAS LIGHTS FORUMS, an interesting tree lighting outfit from 1904

And Canadian tree lighting sets from 1915

And since there are three new readers with an interest, check out these repros of the American-made Dolly putz village houses, complete with Santa and sleigh

Check out a few scans from a 1953 booklet about 7-up--and using it to baste a ham!

Another great site worth spending some time at for the crafters; lots of Dresdens; some beautiful window foils

So enjoying this site: Shopping Days in Retro Boston

Especially enjoyed reading this post: Boston's Bittersweet Christmas of 1942

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  1. Having spent a summer with family in Boston, enjoyed the retro shopping dys in boston site. Thanks.