Thursday, May 12, 2016


The following letter from  Joel Gingold on Don Daubney appears in today's Gazette (numerous other letters of support can also be found in the paper). Gingold's letter is re-printed here by request.

Ladies, Gentlemen,

I do not know all of the details of the effective firing of Don Daubney as JV basketball coach, but based on the information that has been made public, it strikes me as inappropriate, mean spirited and totally out of character for a board and administration that presents itself to the public as dedicated to the betterment of the students in the Croton-Harmon school district.

I have known Don for decades and, beyond his many talents as a physical education teacher and coach, he is a decent, caring human being and deserves much better from you all.

My children were students when Don was a physical education teacher and they benefited significantly from his tutelage, especially as compared to some of the other phys-ed staff of the time.  The hallmark of an outstanding phys-ed teacher and coach is not how he deals with the natural athletes, which Don did admirably, but how he interacts with those who are not athletically inclined.  The kids who are not very good at sports and don’t really like gym classes.

For those students, Don devised creative programs so that they would get the physical activity they needed in a manner that was enjoyable for them, and would be spared the potential embarrassment of their inability to perform athletically at the same level as their peers.  What more could one possibly want in someone in that position.

I personally believe that there is far too much emphasis on competitive sports in our schools, and in the country as a whole, but Don’s record as a coach is well known to all of you and need not be reiterated here.  But more importantly, to the best of my knowledge, he has had an outstanding relationship with all of the members of the teams he has coached.  He has been and is both well liked and well respected, a relatively rare combination in society today.

It is not too late to correct this grievous error and reinstate Don for the upcoming school year.  It is the right and decent thing to do, and it is within you power to rectify this situation.

We are a small, reasonably tight-knit community and I’m sure that this will not be the only communication you will receive on this matter.  For those of you who are running for re-election to the board, I think we deserve to hear your comments on what happened and why and what you intend to do about it.

Joel E. Gingold
Class of 1956 



  1. Yes, would love to hear what the board has to say...

  2. I doubt any of us will hear from the board. This decision was made higher up and the school bd. really won't do a thing about it. By all means, continue the letters and calls but do not be hopeful. It's the continuing ed scene all over again.

  3. I do not know Don Daubney personally, however, a thorough review of all the documentation available certainly causes me to strongly suggest that Dr. Fuhrman's decision be reconsidered. I would urge him to do so.

  4. They will NEVER change their minds.SHAMEFUL.