Thursday, May 12, 2016


Please see a thank you letter from Coach Daubney:

Last week in a meeting with Croton-Harmon High School Athletic Director, Tom Cunningham, I was told that Dr. Edward Fuhrman, our schools' district superintendent, told him the school board would not vote for me if my name was brought forward to be next years boys JV basketball coach.

Since then many people have come forward in my support with letters on Facebook, on a petition (over 300 entries at this time), letters to the paper and with personal kind words including boys from this year's team and their parents. I am both extremely thankful and humbled that so many have felt it was appropriate to support me in my desire to continue as the JV basketball coach in this community. It is something I love doing, and feel confident in.

The original stated reason for the decision was that in having two eighth grade boys on my team, I broke a school board policy. The first time I saw this policy in print was at that meeting last week with the athletic director.  Last fall, Bill Thom, the varsity basketball coach told me that if I did not cut any sophomores from the team to make room for the eighth graders, it would be ok to have the the eighth grade boys on the team. Interestingly enough, an eighth grade girl went up to play on the girls varsity basketball team. Seventh grade girls are currently playing varsity lacrosse.

I have not come forward personally on this matter earlier because I was uncertain of the origin of the complaint. That still might be the case to some extent, but Dr. Fuhrman has made it clear that the decision comes from his office. He has a vision for Croton boys basketball that does not include me.

School superintendents like anyone else can make poor decisions. I find it interesting that Dr. Fuhrman did not discuss this matter with other school personnel including the outgoing varsity basketball coach, the newly appointed varsity basketball coach, the high school principal, or the athletic director before making this important negative decision.  It is ultimately up to the school board to support or not support his decisions. They have that responsibility. I have no desire to cause dedicated and competent school employees harm. Their awareness of the policy was no better than mine.

Again, I thank you all for the wonderful support and for the past great 17 years being able to serve as this school district's JV basketball coach.  Also, thanks and congratulations to Bill Thom on his retirement and his many years serving as our varsity basketball coach.

Don Daubney 



  1. Robert WintermeierMay 13, 2016 at 2:59 AM

    I've known Don for many years and am stunned by his dismissal. Don has been a dedicated Croton resident who served our community well with service to his church, high school sports, the Lion's club and as past Village Trustee. It's unfair to treat such a highly respected civic citizen like Don in the manner Furhman and the school board acted. Fuhrman and the school board, not Don, are the ones who need to go and I can't wait to see them gone! They are a perfect example of what's wrong with academia today and certainly not the example we want to set for our students! This whole incident smells fishy! He'll always be "Coach" to me. I'm off to sign the petition to retain Don!

    Robert Wintermeier

  2. I'm very disappointed to see that it's come to this. Though it will make very little difference, I know how I have to vote now.

  3. Class act coach! You were and continue to be a inspiration to all of us Ctoton Tigers!! Dr Fuhrman continues to show his weak leadership skills!! Ray Fortini Croton NY

  4. The only way that the board and Dr. Fuhrman gets the message about its poor decisions about not retaining Coach Daubnay is when it comes time to vote for the superintendent of schools and he gets voted OUT! He believes he is untouchable. Let your voice and vote be heard change the School Board..

    1. Unfortunately, Dr. Fuhrman just signed a new contract and will be with the district until 2019. And community members don't vote on the superintendent choice, just Board of Education trustees. (the BOE chooses the superintendent.) Two trustees are up for reelection this year, but are running unopposed. A way to make a statement would be not to cast a vote for the trustees on next Tuesday's ballot.

  5. I've said this a hundred times at school board meetings, in letters to the gazette and in general conversations with residents. Edward Fuhrman believes he is above all and is the almighty God. He's got the power and loves to flex muscles. He is given too much power by the school board, who for some reason believes he is a good superintendent and worth the exorbitant salary he is fortunate to get to oversee three school buildings. Time for people to rally. Get rid of the current board, hopefully there will be reasonable and smart people to run in the future and oust the Superintendent. I will go one step further by replacing the higher administration in the high school who feel powerful, and love to flex their muscles as well. Clean house Croton!
    J. Minett

  6. I am right there with you Don De. I will be voting no on the budget for the frist time this year. Maybe more will join us. If you live in Croton something to think about.

  7. Don De I will also be voting no for the first time.

  8. I always vote no. The emperor has no clothes.

  9. Croton Sports needs more men Like Coach Don. Sorry to see you go Coach. Tommy J Moore Sr.