Friday, May 6, 2016


A word from long time Croton resident David Tuttle on Coach Don Daubney:

Now that a day has passed and initial shock of hearing that the district has decided not to reinstate Coach Dabney is wearing off I have many questions about this situation. 

First of all, being removed from his coaching situation because he played up two eight graders is just ridiculous, this is normal practice in every sport and has been for years ... so if Coach Daubney was not reinstated why are all the other coaches of all the sports not in the same situation? Who ultimately made this decision? Who approved it? The new athletic director? Furhman? The Board of Ed? What brought this on? Did Johnny-Boy Eighth Grader parents get upset that their little Alex Rodriguez didn't get played up too and got a Board member's ear that caused the gross injustice? Something really stinks here folks and a great man who has dedicated his life to coaching and serving his community is devastated. 

Did anyone hear anything yesterday? From the Board, Fuhrman or Athletic Director? We need answers, we need them now, wtf is going on here, this is nuts. Keep up the calls, email and conversations. We need the truth, we need justice for our fellow long time Croton resident, dedicated coach and selfless community service member NOW! 


  1. Thank you Dave. i don't care much for this policy the school officials have of not addressing the public. The citizens didn't stand for it underWiegman and Gallelli and whether they are allowed to do it or not, that's just not right.


  2. Thank you David for telling it like it is. I am so sad about this and disappointed in the school board. It has the feel that there is something not being said and that's a disservice to one of our best citizens.

    I'm not in agreement with a lot of what goes on in our schools, but I could honestly say that there were some teachers and school board members in whom I had trust to do the right thing. That feeling is disappearing quickly.

    From wherever this bull came from, it's not too late to fix a grave injustice. And by the way, I did NOT like what happened with the continuing education program either.

    It seems that Croton has needed a lot of "cleaning up" lately. Ridiculous letters about good people and businesses and now the school district. Shame Shame shame. I'd sign my name but I have a granddaughter in the district and this whole situation makes me think that wouldn't be the smartest thing to do.

  3. I'm really disgusted about this and can't think of a thing to add. Thank you Dave. People should write the school board and Fuhrman. I did.