Wednesday, April 8, 2015


We've shown you this 1958 Sears Christmas Wishbook catalog page before but only recently discovered that one of the kits available made a FIVE FOOT tree! Not sure that this would have been effective as anything more than a tabeltop size--but let's face it--at five feet it would have made quite the impression. It seems to have been a passing fad because a review of other Sears Wishbooks after 1958 shows that the kits were no longer being offered...Either way, a marvelous time capsule!
Next up a marvelous collection of later made in Japan putz houses--but very minty--with two seldom seen very large and early bottle brush trees complete with spun cotton fruit, courtesy of AngelaG. 

It's followed by a wonderful piece of Marx tin featured in a previous auction @ Croton's own Pig with Spinning Umbrella", 1939, Marx, 8.5", wind-up--it sold for $196. Stay tuned for more magic from

Click on the photos and enjoy. 

Powder coating vintage steel kitchen cabinets

LOL, not our taste, but surely fun all and all -- a pattern for a TIKI putz house

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  1. I vaguely recall our having one of these small ones on the dining room table instead of flowers that year.