Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Since so many of us are using old-fashioned mica flakes instead of glass glitter and such in our putz house and other Christmas crafts, it was especially fortuitous to come across this great 1913 ad for "Santa Claus Snow" in a department store fixtures catalog we recently acquired at the Peekskill flea market. But we do wish it was in color!

It's followed by an oldie but goodie: a wind-up Lil Abner & the Dogpatch Band, 1945; the first all metal toy produced after WWII. 

Featured in a previous auction at Croton's own
And finally a vintage inspired putz house from Christopher Radko's Sparkletown line--now no longer being produced; you can however, find old inventory at

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A large castle from a department store toy village display, 1913, click on the link for the whole scene and a close-up of the castle:

Looking for colored mica? Go here

Marx, paper gas station; BJ George

Want more vintage? Go here 

And here:


  1. Radko did a nice job with the repro putz houses and I have quite a few. Do you know why the line was discontinued? It seemed to be a big seller in our parts. I bought all of my Sparkle Town houses from Crompond Country Store when it was open. They could never keep them in stock. They just flew out the door.

    1. One of the retail vendors of Radko way back when, said that Radko could not get a decent manufacturer for the houses "overseas"--and eventually Radko sold the company a few years later.

  2. We have that wind-up Lil Abner & the Dogpatch Band in our house. It was Monica's dad's toy from when he was a kid. He gave it to us.
    I love that Santa snow! I hope we can find that some day! (Rob)