Tuesday, April 28, 2015


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Memorial Day is Monday, May 25th. The Croton Veterans Committee will hold their ceremony on 5/25 at 11 am at Five Corners; in the event of inclement weather, it will be held inside the Municipal Building.

And so once again, EverythingCroton has delved deep into the archives maintained by the volunteers of The Croton Historical Society to find interesting items about those village residents who served our country during World War II. If you're not yet a member of the Historical Society, please become one today: http://bit.ly/S4YUno

Here's Part 1 of MORE CROTON-ON-HUDSON WORLD WAR II MEMORIES. Click on the images below. There will be more.


--THE 1970'S, A LOOK BACK @ CROTON MEMORIAL DAY EVENTS  http://www.everythingcroton.blogspot.com/2014/05/the-1970s-croton-memorial-day.html 


  1. Thank you dear friend, ML

  2. It's kind of sad to see Memorial Day celebrated the way it is now. A brief ceremony and that's that. In the 70's and even up till the 80's, it was a big event in Croton with a real parade. The entire village had a certain pride in it.

    1. I haven't attended a ceremony here in Croton for a few years. We always spend that weekend at my sister's house in Putnam. Their town reminds me so much of the way it used to be here. There's a community picnic, a parade that includes all the major charitable organizations, a high school marching band, floats and their fire department. The businesses all run specials for veterans and their families. They even have a guy in town that reminds me of Pop Berger! The town hires a professional bag piper and and the ceremony itself is marked with officials who dress appropriately, who know what to say and not say at the podium, and it seems like everybody in that town shows up to pay their respects.

      The last time I attended a Croton service, a certain official showed up in a Hawaiian shirt and shorts. That was the final straw.

  3. We go up to Wappingers. I just can't do it here any more. It's depressing compared to the way it used to be. I pay my respects all years to our local veterans by volunteering at the V.A. Were you around for the one a few years after 911 where the religious speaker quoted from the Koran. Now that was my tipping point.

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