Monday, April 20, 2015


On the agenda:The Benedict Blvd deli with six apartments application is proceeding; it needed three variances from the Harmon re-zoning law, not one as has been alleged by an official. (The deli stays, 370 S. Riverside Avenue, the apartments go on top, with one on the first floor). This is the first building to be "built under Harmon re-zoning". The smallest apartment is in the vicinity of 350 square feet. Please note that there is an error on the agenda with regard to this entry and it was called to the attention of staff last Friday; the application is referred to as a "gift of real property"; this is not a gift.

The village (Mayor Wiegman and board) will also rescind their recent resolution to override the tax cap BUT they have now raised the parking, sewer rent, water, and other fees/rates; as a result, the tax increase projected is now under the cap and you will get your rebate from the state--which you will need to pay the 12% increase in water, the 40% increase in sewer rent, the increase for parking and other assorted fee/rate increases.

See the entire agenda here

UPDATED: We'd like to thank the Gazette for pointing out the numerous increases mentioned above in their recent article on the Croton budget. You can find it on the cover of the 4/23/15 edition.


  1. A few ago there was lots of complaints from that crowd abbout how Schmidt invented sewer rent to artificially get the tax rate down. No complaints now from that crowd because it's different, lol

  2. It was a shell game

  3. It's 2018, nothing is there but an empty lot. The project has been abandoned.