Saturday, April 11, 2015


So many great things have hit the mailbox--we hardly know where to begin...first--some architectural inspiration for the putz artisans--a toy stable from the 1905 Nerlich catalog.

Followed by another great scan from the 1966 Western Auto catalog--this one featuring a trio of fab dolls...

Our favorite being the Western Auto exclusive, Mary Poppins doll with wardrobe--and only $6.66!

And finally, some 2015 Easter village goodness from Matthew--click on the photos. See Matthew's 2015 seasonal album here

Love the graphics on this house from the Bradley Toy Village set

Tiny plastic animal stand-ups--perfect flattie possibilities!

Then check out the "wee wonders" , page after page at Tiny Things Are Cute, INCLUDING TINY little houses and people that can definitely be modified

Want more vintage--especially a great blast from the past house from Howard Lamey of go here!

And in case you missed it: Howard's latest creation   

And congratulations to author Susan Konig, this generation's Erma Bombeck

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  1. Too bad "Suzy Smart" never caught on. Maybe because her prim little outfit perpetuated a stereotype (the same one as Hermione Granger still perpetuates). Eventually it was Lt. Uhura who challenged so many girls to stop being embarrassed to use their brains. - Father of Three Young Women. . . .