Thursday, April 30, 2015


Ah yes, a Christmas to remember--let's all dress alike! A scan from our latest find at the Peekskill Attic Treasures Flea Market: the 1959 Sears Christmas Wishbook. It's not all there--and it's a mess--but it's a hoot and well worth the five dollars! Click on the photo and enjoy. More coming soon.

The flea market starts at 8 am on Sundays and depending on the crowds and/or weather, runs for most of the day. You'll find it--more or less across the street and up the block from La Perla Oriente--a sort of Latin Grouchy Gabe's that also features Ecuadorian and Mexican baked goods--and really strong, dark and delicious coffee

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  1. This was a lot more common than you would think. One Easter, my three sisters and I all wore the same green dress with yellow flowers for Easter. There was a big sale at Alexander's in the Bronx. Because our aunt lived near Fordham Road, we were in there all the time. We even wore the same white shoes. Only now, looking at this catalog page, do I understand how ridiculous we must have looked. Wish I had a picture. Linda