Wednesday, June 23, 2021


ON THIS DAY IN 1956,  the "Jimmy Durante Show" last aired s on NBC- Read more about this very versatile entertainer below.  Click on the photos and links.
James Francis Durante (February 10, 1893 – January 29, 1980) was an American singer, pianist, comedian, and actor. His distinctive clipped gravelly speech, New York accent, comic language-butchery, jazz-influenced songs, and prominent nose helped make him one of America's most familiar and popular personalities of the 1920s through the 1970s.  He often referred to his nose as the Schnozzola (from the German Schnauze [nose]), and the word became his nickname. READ MORE HERE
AND click on the clipping to the right to see Durante with one of  Croton's most famous notables--Gloria Swanson.
It details Swanson's appearance on The Jimmy Durante Show in 1952..

For those who don't know, The Jimmy Durante Show was a 51-episode half-hour comedy/variety television program presented live on NBC from October 2, 1954, to June 23, 1956.  Yep.  The days of live TV!

For more about Swanson's comeback in 1950's Sunset Boulevard, click here.  
And here's one for the Movie Bucket List:  Buster Keaton, Thelma Todd and a very young Durante in Speak Easily (1932)
Speak Easily is a 1932 American pre-Code comedy film starring Buster Keaton, Jimmy Durante, and Thelma Todd, and directed by Edward Sedgwick. The studio also paired Keaton and Durante as a comedy team during this period in The Passionate Plumber and What! No Beer? READ MORE ABOUT THE FILM HERE.

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