Thursday, March 8, 2018


Recently overheard at the Shoprite: one woman complaining to another that the power lines were down on her block.  If only the village had its own solar power station, she lamented, we wouldn't be eating in the dark!

Oh boy....Needless to say, it doesn't work that way...but we also know that being without power is stressful.  Still, let's hope that the parties involved do their homework first before expecting the rest of us to invest in the magic of solar pixies...

Because when the lines are down....well, you get the idea.


  1. One word: Solyndra. Look it up. Then there's this one too

  2. Croton, like much of the nation, has moved from the realm of science and logic into the realm of emotion and belief.

    The issue of the METHOD of electricity generation (oil, solar, nuclear, etc) is entirely separate from the DELIVERY of that electricity.

    It is true that there will likely be a future in which power lines are not necessary. But with existing technology, the kWh generated by nuclear and the kWh generated by solar are both sent through the transmission lines (the huge structures)and then the electricity is sent through the distribution lines to your house.

    What happened this past week is that the distribution lines (the final step in the process) were impacted by trees. When that happens, the lines get shut down.

    Just because a kWh is generated by solar or wind power does not mean that it magically can be sent through the air. Nor does the "green" origin of that kWh make it any less likely to electrocute you than a kWh from a solar or wind farm.

    If the lines either go down or must be shut down, the fact that you have "green" electricity or "brown" electricity makes no difference.

    I don't understand why people seem to suspend common sense in order to hold fast to a political position.

    That didn't work for the critics of Galileo and it won't work for the citizens of Croton.

    1. Perhaps even more disturbing are the number of people who still don't seem to know what CCA is...or actually believe that savings of 'HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS ANNUALLY" ARE GUARANTEED by the village! Uh, no. On both counts.

  3. Thank you. I have to show this to my wife who said something similar to me. Not only is the so called payback on solar installation too little for us, if it exists at all by the time we move when the kids are out of high school, we're betting off putting the money into a generator! Last week proved this although my neighbor was very angry about the noise.