Tuesday, March 6, 2018


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Your editor has lauded RAGA INDIAN CUISINE for their daily buffet----click here---but Raga for dinner is a whole other experience that is equally as delightful.  Low key, but appropriate atmosphere, perfect for an adult night out--click on the photo--attentive service--and of course, amazing food---from the Crab Soup--an Everything Croton Must-Try--to the Malabar Fish Curry (outstanding) to the Chicken Chettinad (both Everything Croton Must-Trys as well), Raga is a wonderful addition to the village. ragaindiancuisineny.com/

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  1. They also have enough vegan choices for that pain in the a** cousin of mine who visits twice a year.

  2. Note to parents. If you're bringing children after 8 pm in the evening, things happen I know, but please be considerate of other diners. For some of us, this is a night out. I was very surprised at how oblivious one set of parents was last week to their very cute but very loud little boy.