Wednesday, February 3, 2016


The following link has been sent to Everything Croton by concerned citizens in the Town of Cortlandt. It would appear that there are other communities out there who share our concerns about this program, among them residents in Greenburgh. (Also fyi: The Town of Cortlandt has not placed SW's contract/MOU on their next meeting's agenda despite what you may heard elsewhere nor have they voted on this yet; they requested additional information from Sustainable Westchester; it appears that discussion by the town will not occur until after the latest "deadline" issued to Croton of 2/16). Croton voted 3-2 for assorted reasons not to join this program.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016 - A BETTER GREENBURGH

We’ve again received the daily campaign email from Mr Feiner, this time alluding to potential savings by mandatory participation in an ESCO or Energy Savings Co-Operative. He states you could save money up to 8 to 14%. What he doesn’t tell you is that it is 8 to 14% of your energy supply fee, one of the smallest portions of your energy bill. And, the claim is based on four New Jersey communities who are participating in an ESCO, not necessarily the same company he and his Town Board are forcing all of us into. The delivery charge is what is highest and Con-Ed just asked the Public Service Commission (PSC) for another increase of 1.8% of your current rate or about 4 dollars or per month. Mr Feiner needs to fight with the PSC if he really wants to help. 

He also recounts the last Town Board meeting from Wednesday where, “...the Town Board unanimously approved a resolution authorizing the Town Supervisor to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU") affirming that the Town and Sustainable Westchester, Inc. agree to participate in a Community Choice Aggregation program ("CCA") to procure energy supply from one or more Energy Service Companies ("ESCOs") for the residents of the Town of Greenburgh.”

In Mr Feiner’s email he repeats the same information multiple times, almost trying to convince everyone that this is a good deal. In fact, Ken Stahn of the Sprain Road Civic Association, met with, studied, and presented his findings to the civic associations’ umbrella organization, the Council of Greenburgh Civic Associations, the Town Board and others. However, despite Mr Stahn’s pleas to slow down the process to acquire answers before jumping into this, he was summarily thanked and dismissed by the Town leaders. It’s ABG’s belief that Mr Feiner told his Town Board how to vote and they did as they were told.  

While Sustainable Westchester has a cool sounding, environmentally friendly name that would evoke a feeling of energy conservation and environmental friendliness, the reality is that this is an experimental program being started by a group of hedge-fund attorneys looking to initially do their testing as a non-profit and if they are successful...READ MORE HERE


  1. Thank you everyone everywhere who is doing their homework on this. Especially Mayor Schmidt and trustees Walsh and Anderson for their votes no.

  2. Wow indeed thanks guys for just saying no. If you had been in charge we wouldnt have Gouevia the albatross either.