Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Welcome to Everything Croton, a collection of all things Croton--our history, our homes, our issues, our businesses, our schools, our houses of worship--in short, EVERYTHING CROTON.

Readers of Everything Croton know how much your editor and the elves love old magazines--and pamphlets---and well, just about any vintage ephemera. Yes, our finds are seldom pristine--they're often wrinkled and moldy and long forgotten in some attic or basement but....we're often rewarded with some interesting tidbits that make it all worthwhile.

Here's the latest from a dogeared copy of PHOTOPLAY magazine, 1924: AN ARTICLE--WITH PHOTOS--of Gloria Swanson's Croton-on-Hudson home! We picked it up in Peekskill at the Attic Treasures Flea Market last year (which starts again on Sundays in April on Bank Street). We've cleaned up the photos as best we could. 

For those who don't know, Swanson lived on Mt. Airy on what is referred to as "Waldman's corner". Not sure if the sign is still there but it was called Longvue Farm.

High resolution copies will be sent to The Croton Historical Society of course! Click on the photos and enjoy. 


  1. Do you have any other Gloria Swanson historical articles or pictures regarding Croton? I know the current owners and yes the Longuevue Farm signs still are intact.