Thursday, January 21, 2016


It has come to Everything Croton's attention that unknown individuals are currently walking throughout the village soliciting residents to sign a petition that would force a re-vote of the Sustainable Westchester memorandum that was discussed at the board meeting of 1/19.  If you are approached by such an individual, please make note of the representations being made about the program.  For example, we have heard that claims have been made that the program is 100% renewable and that a savings of 10% is guaranteed -- both false.  If at all possible, read the petition personally, ask the name of the person carrying the petition and ask what organization they are working for.  

Thank you.


  1. Read the gaz.article which lays out there is no guarantee and you could end up paying more. The article also points to who the paid director of Sustainable Westchester is. Former "full-time" mayor Leo Wiegman.

  2. Anyone coming to my door will be handed a shovel! Asked to start shoveling while I reread out load the memorandum Mayor Schmidt is sharp as are the trustees WE ELECTED I trust HIS judgement