Tuesday, January 26, 2016


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WHY WAS THE COMMUNITY LEFT IN THE DARK ABOUT CCA? The following letter by Joel Gingold was sent to the Gazette.

To the Editor,

It strikes me as ironic that, after having criticized the all-Dem village board for the past several years, I have become the Dems Facebook poster boy for CCA. Having achieved this status, I wonder if it means that the Dems will now take my advice on other issues facing the village.

It is, of course, true that I did, “with a lot of reservations and more than a little trepidation,” suggest that the board approve the program. As we all know, they chose to move in another direction.

In the four pages of comments on CCA I sent to board members prior to the meeting, I highlighted what I felt were critical uncertainties and unknowns associated with the program as described to date. I also noted that Sustainable Westchester (SW) did a very poor job in rolling out CCA. I suggested that the most desirable outcome would be to delay the decision until all of these questions could be answered. Unfortunately, SW would not grant such a hiatus. READ MORE HERE https://www.facebook.com/crotonunited/posts/539448639545505


  1. Some of us have seen enough. Expect a campaign mounted to get us out of Sustainable Westchester entirely.

  2. If people wanted any part of their hare-brained schemes theboard would still be 5-0

  3. When you have a 5-0 majority on the board you don't have to do anything you don't want. Just remember Gouveia.

  4. Because it was a 5-0 majority and they did what they wanted.

  5. Everyone should look at the SW presentation at yesterday's Croton work session. Despite the warm & fuzzy pitch that this is a consortium of communities getting together to save money on energy costs, the truth is that SW has big plans to get into managing our water supply, the natural gas infrastructure, and to get a near-monopoly (70-80%)on energy purchasing. SW is going to be a multi-million dollar per year enterprise and is going to engage in lobbying activities. This is not a buyer's collective, it is a giant slush fund supporting a political agenda. If you want to give to a lobbying group, that is your business. None of us should be forcing our neighbors to pay for lobbying activities.

  6. Thanks Paul, there are a lot of signatures too that don't even belong to Croton residents.