Thursday, December 31, 2015


To the right--Sylvain's lovely Christmas tree and village--the houses aren't cardboard but we love it all the same. The tree is followed by another shot from Matthew Und's 2015 Christmas decorations--love the new and very large putz church. And then, a 1947 ad for the thrilling kissing bracelet!

Click on the photos and enjoy.

And here's a wonderful German Smoker - courtesy of Toys and Stuff - Erzgebirge Wooden Postman 'Smoker'- Blogger's everywhere who celebrate Christmas are probably sharing their favorite Christmas tchotchke's and knickknacks just as we've been doing since starting our blog. This little guy however is one of those decorations that can be used all year 'round. It's an incense burner; see this neat smoker and more here

CollectionsEtc. is having their annual after Christmas sale. We always manage to find something neat!

Now admittedly there's quite bit here you won't have an interest in but every now and then you'll spot the perfect accessory for your village--or something that can be re-purposed or trashbashed--and at some of these prices...Check it out for yourself

So we have a friend who swears that next year--hook or crook--she's getting an old fashioned tinsel tree...

Well check them out in just about every color at Mister Nostalgia--for the moment at least--some of these are bound to go fast and...

Mister Nostalgia also carries new putz houses being made today--and old stock Radko putz houses as well

Want more vintage? Go here

p.s. For fans of the very handsome and very talented George Chakiras

And...for those who'd like to keep their trains out for more than the Christmas Season--Trains and Villages for Every Season 


  1. hope we will continue to see more of matthew's village houses. does he make all of them himself? we think they are beautiful. the designs are so original, too.

    1. Some are storebought; some made; what I love is how he assembles everything...very thoughtful....