Friday, December 18, 2015


Another wonderful scene from author and fellow collector Antoinette Stockenberg's annual Christmas mantle--featuring very early made in Japan putz houses, a storyline too, and antique zinnfiguren. We don't know she keeps coming up with new and wonderful stories and arrangements each year. but she does!

If you haven't yet seen this year's village, click on the link now--you won't be disappointed:

Antoinette is followed by another marvelous scene from David Montreal's 2015 Christmas decorations; lots of very early glass ornaments here and the addition of vintage/antique dolls and the poodles(!) is very effective.

Click on the photos and enjoy. More's coming!

An oldie but goodie--some scans from the 1915 S&H GREEN STAMP CATALOG 

And in case you missed it: the 1885 Edison Electric Scarf Pin! 

--THE NEW DECEMBER 2015 EDITION OF PAUL'S THE CHRISTMAS TIMES(TM) IS OUT--and it's filled with neat stuff! READ MORE BELOW. (For reasons of space, your editor here at Everything Croton had to do a little cutting here and there but wanted to call attention to all the holiday goodness!) 


Welcome to the December, 2015 issue of The Christmas Times™.

Yes, you just got a newsletter on Nov. 30, but we wanted to say "Hi" one more time before Christmas....We have some fun new reading material this month, and links to some stunning Christmas villages. In the meantime, Paul is drawing up plans for a stable large enough to hold a 6'4" Joseph on our church's platform, Shelia is helping her friend plan a Christmas-day theme luncheon for her family, Wright State's Chamber Chorus in medieval costume and character and other activities and opportunities keep arising.........Topics discussed in this update include:

REMEMBERING OUR SHOESTRING CHRISTMASES - Shelia looks back to several of her favorite Christmas memories. Ironically, they were often during the financially "tough times." Click the link below to go to Shelia's "musing." 

LIGHT ON A SNOWY DAY - A CHRISTMAS STORY - Widely published children's writer Artie Knapp shares a story about an injured fawn and a little girl who couldn't help wishing she could keep him forever. Click the link below to see Artie's story. 

WHY I NEED CHRISTMAS -Paul reviews some reasons people need Christmas, in spite of other folks' opinions on the subject. Click the link below to go to Paul's "musing." 

PUTZ HOUSE EXTRAVAGANZA - The Cardboard Christmas forum hosts discussions of folks who collect, restore, build, and display those cardboard Christmas houses that circled so many Christmas trees between 1929 and the mid-1960s. This year, the forum has exploded with photos from many new contributors. It is just stunning how much charm and interest a few cardboard houses and vintage accessories, carefully arranged, can bring to a quiet corner. Thanks to our contributors Laurie and OkPat for the photos above and to the right. Click the following link and work your way down the page to see display after charming display.

ANTOINETTE STOCKENBERG'S 2015 PUTZ - For an exceptional putz experience, visit novelist Antoinette Stockenberg's 2015 putz. Not only does she arrange her charming village and accessories into a remarkably attractive setting; she also tells the story of most of the little town's citizens.  Click the following link to see this year's putz. 


KEEP IN TOUCH - Each month, we get more interest in this newsletter, in our Christmas sites, and in the Christmas traditions, ideas, and memories we discuss. We welcome your questions and comments as indicators of what we should be working on next (also, we always try to answer reader questions quickly). In addition, if you have any photos, tips, or articles you'd like to share with your fellow Christmas enthusiasts, please let us know.

BEST WISHES! As always, our hope is that we can continue helping you and your family (as Dickens said of Scrooge):  Honor Christmas in your heart, and "try to keep it all the year."

May God grant you joy and wonder every season of this year, Paul and Shelia Race


  1. Magical photos and nice story by Artie Knapp about the deer.

  2. It never occurred to me to use my vintage Madame Alexander dolls under the tree but after looking at David's photo, I pulled them out of the boxes in the closet just for the season. They look great. My new tradition! Thanks for the inspiration David. Donna G.