Friday, March 20, 2015


In 2003, John Gouveia donated 200 Main Street (a.k.a. the "bank for savings") to the Village of Ossining. Since that time, a number of proposals have made for the use of the "gift", all of which have not come to fruition. The building needs extensive work and remains a drain on that village's taxpayers. Proposals have included everything from affordable housing to artist lofts, jazz clubs and more (see just one example from 2011 A previous estimate indicated that the site would require $2.9 million to completely restore.

It's 2015 and the building is still empty. You can read more about it at HUDSON VALLEY RUINS:

The Village of Ossining is once again seeking developers for the "gift"; it issued a press release on March 18th. 

You can read the press release at The Examiner News:

You can read about Croton's Gouveia "gift" here

and here: Paul Steinberg's letter; please note that the mayor has since acknowledged that the site's possible use as a bed and breakfast needs to now be investigated further at a recent board meeting


  1. Thank you. I heard about this but could not find it anywhere. Never thought to look at the ENews.

    1. So far the Examiner News is the only media outlet I have seen the press release on. If you see it elsewhere, please leave the link in a comment.

    2. That's probably because there have been so MANY SINCE 2003.

  2. This building is a complete mess on the inside and its gotten a lot worse.

    Back in 2003, the estimates for repairs were around $1.9 million. it's gone way the heck up ever since.

    An article for the Journal News in 2003 said that it was going to be an arts cultural center for the village. People would come for miles to see it.

    A committee was formed so as not to burden the taxpayers with how to raise the $1.9 million needed. Clearly it didn't work. Ossining didn't want to burden their taxpayers with a bond.

    The article also said: "Croton-on-Hudson resident John Gouveia is donating the building to the village...Officials are looking to convert the 4,000-square-foot building into a cultural arts center and studio for its local public access station, GO-TV.

    A study commissioned by village officials, however, showed that the former Bank for Savings building needs $1.9 million in repairs to make it habitable, including a new ceiling, a foundation-drainage system, a fire-protection system and new mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. The estimate does not include architectural, consultant and construction-management fees and hazardous-material and mold testing."

    Trustee Hernandez said "This is a signature building that I wouldn't want to see disappear. But it needs a lot of work. It's a total mess inside."

    More from the article: Gouveia purchased the 200 Main St., site from developer Louis Cappelli in 2001 after he retired from owning and operating County Limousine Service Inc. for 52 years. He said he was initially interested in renovating the ornate stone structure to allow charitable organizations to host free events.But the venture proved too burdensome. Gouveia said he invested more than $500,000"

    And now Ossining has been stuck with it for going on 12 years.

  3. I found this at the Examiner News from 2011. I guess the Winery at St. George guy didn't work out.
    Looks like they also had no other takers.