Monday, March 2, 2015


It's true: we dislike a lot of what is on network television these days...but love being able to re-visit childhood shows on cable...and we're surprised how well many hold up for a new generation of fans. 

While MY FAVORITE MARTIAN is among the missing--it starred Ray Walston and Bill Bixby--hope springs eternal. To the right is a little Golden Record, 1964; the A side is the “Martian Theme Song” and, B is “When I Was A Boy On Mars”. Featured in a previous auction @ Croton's own SeriousToyz, it sold for $42.55 - for more about this fab auction house, visit

It's followed by another toy tie-in to the show, MARTIAN MAGIC TRICKS BY GILBERT, also 1964; it sold @ a recent SeriousToyz auction for $158.

And that's followed by one of our favorite putz houses from Howard Lamey (we have so many!!!) of
It's just another great example of what can be done with Paul's building "textures".  To get inspired, click here

And finally you just can't keep Rob and Monica down--no matter what the weather, if there's a "sale-ing" adventure to be had, they'll go for it.

Check out their latest find: An angel lighted tree topper.

We think--but are not 100% certain--that it's a 50's piece. If anyone can confirm, please do.
Click on the photos and enjoy.

And check out what else they found in their latest posting: "CHOICES"

P.S. The annual Asbury Methodist Spring Tag Sale date has been set for 4/25; stay tuned for more details.

And a lost Christmas song--with article and link to Rosemary Clooney singing it


  1. REGARDING THE VINTAGE ANGEL TREE TOPPER ABOVE: TOM H SAYS - I think the styrene plastic angel is from the fifties. For a while a number of years ago I tried to collect up all of these type of (styrene press molded plastic) tree top angels I could find. This one's mold was apparently passed around to several different makers or perhaps made up for different marketers. I think mine is boxed and made by Sterling.

  2. We also believe it to be from the 1950's. I will look at the manufacturing detail tonight. Interestingly enough, we found another angel this past weekend which will make our next post.
    By the way, the My Favorite Martian stuff is amazing! I hope we can find those some day!
    Thanks, as always, for checking out our blog, Maria! (Rob)

  3. I checked. There are no markings but research tells me that this was made by GEM in the early 1960's (Rob)