Sunday, March 22, 2015


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The 24-hour, 7 day a week, convenience store at the former Dom's location on Maple Street--MOBIL ON HUDSON--is now open. Click on the photo.  Buttered rolls, coffee, pet food, toilet paper, milk and bread for those inevitable snow storms! And of course, gas!


  1. I don't understand how you people can get excited over a convenience store. we need a Trader's Joe and a toy store for the kids.

    1. Way I see it is, instead of complaining, try this novel approach:
      1.) open your own gourmet food store and/or toy store.
      2.) move to a community which has both.

  2. Normally this type of comment would not go up. But it's here because we assume the poster is a newer resident.

    For the record, Croton has had not one--but two--high end toy stores. Wondrous Things Toy Store occupied the space that is now Orangeberry; Wondrous failed. The other was Treasures and Tales. The toy section at T&T occupied almost 40% of the space. It failed. Both carried high end trendy toys--like Melissa and Doug for example--as well as middle of the road priced toys. And again, both failed.

    As for Trader Joe's, we do not meet the demographics for a Trader's Joe. This has been publicly acknowledged as fact in multiple forums. However the former Zeytinia location will soon be home to GREEN & GRAIN.

    And finally, the owner of MOBIL ON HUDSON has made a considerable investment in our village. He has significantly upgraded the existing building into a more eye appealing structure and is providing employment opportunities as well--and yes, there will be a time when--sooner or later--we'll be in need of gas, milk, etc. at some un-Godly hour.

    Yes, we think the owner of Mobil on Hudson is worth welcoming.

    1. Bravo! So sick of the dreamers. Linda

    2. Thank you. I saw one of the biggest complainers of them all buying milk there the other night! Phonies!

    3. There will always be a core element in this village that will want the high end stores but never set foot in them. Why? Because a lot of the biggest complainers don't seem to have any spending money and are leveraged up the wazoo. They long for diamonds and pearls they will never own, ignoring the fact that there are many other things in this village that make it "rich" on different levels. I too have seen these people gassing up at the gas stations they want to replace with antique stores they will never shop in. Who b--ch and moan about those ultra expensive food stores not being in Croton but when one does open up, they're never inside. I find them instead in Shoprite with their coupons and savings plus cards. I'm sick of the hypocrisy. I like Mobil on Hudson. It has saved me more than once on a late night when I have been out of milk, diapers, etc.