Monday, March 30, 2015

MORE FABULOUS VINTAGE WEBSITES, FINDS, ETC. FROM EVERYTHING CROTON's grey outside..and we have flurries... Again...but we are still in an Easter frame of mind.

To the right, courtesy of LOC, no known copyright restrictions, a 1912 photo of the famous 5th Avenue Annual Easter Parade. The whole idea seems strange now--dressing up in your best to stroll down the avenue's a wonderful scene nonetheless.

It's followed by some fab vintage Easter ephemera from Rob and Monica's sale-ing adventures--yes, we do love honeycomb! 

Check out all of their 2014 Easter decorating--and more--including a pretty funny baking adventure, at OUR ADVENTURES AMONGST THE DUCKS--click on the link:

And finally, a 2009 Easter putz featuring fresh eggs putz barns by Howard Lamey.

Click on the photos and enjoy.

Check out this very charming Easter "window" putz house by Pam

And rapture, your editor went to an estate sale--and is now the proud owner of yet another of these! With the box!

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  1. Thanks, as always, for mentioning our blog, Maria! I see you also added a link to last Easter's adventures. We DID have fun making those cakes. We will bake again this year but we are setting our sights just a bit lower, hoping to get it right! Ha Ha! (Rob)