Saturday, March 14, 2015


We love everything about this 1950's RED ARROW train made by Usagiya, Japan--and featured in a previous auction at Croton's own box too!

A great piece of tin litho. Stay tuned for upcoming auction info from

It's followed by a fabulous Easter candy box putz repro by Karl Fey. The colors on this are just so right.

And finally a 1953 publicity still for actress Susan Hayward, who died this date in 1975 from brain cancer. A very talented--and beautiful--lady; read more about her here

Click on the photos.

Just got the March, 2015 issue of The Christmas Times(tm); click on the link

This issue has lots of great articles--including Easter themed articles--and of course, St. Patrick--and much more. Check it out!

Panoramic Sugar Eggs have arrived at Blumchen 

Want more vintage? Go here 

And check out the vintage toy offerings @

Do you like Marx Trains? Howard found this very interesting link

A collection of vintage made in Japan putz houses with mercury glass beaded roofs and embellishments. You see these quite often but seldom without lots of broken beads and missing sections--the mercury glass was just so fragile. To the reader who asked if anyone was reproducing these today--with faux mercury plastic or resin beads instead--we haven't seen them being made--but this would make a great project! Hint...hint....Click on the link to see the vintage originals


  1. Maria, we had a set of the beaded houses, purchased in the early sixties, long gone, I'm afraid. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. You have to love the Putz houses! (Rob)