Monday, September 8, 2014


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As many of you know, each year at Hudson River Day, some lucky dog is voted the coveted title of "River Dog". Here's a  message from Brigid D. Faranda about this year's winners--there were two--click on the photos, all rights reserved:

Some children who were at the event suggested that there be 2 winners this year as it was only 1 biscuit difference in the voting!

So we are happy to announce.......

Small River Dog 2014 is Pepper Roper and Large River Dog 2014 is Marley Stone.

Pepper is a tiny dog, 9 years old. I was sure Pepper was a puppy!

Marley is very unique being part Norwegian Elk hound, Chow Chow and Korean Gindo to mention only part of his heritage! Marley was also very good with tiny children and after I took the pictures settled right in with a family looking on with a very small child. 


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