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EVERYTHING CROTON is delighted to share this with you, courtesy of Chief John Munson from your all-volunteer Croton Fire department. 

On 9/22/14, in front of over 65 family members, friends and peers, the Washington Engine Company No. 2 recognized it's four senior men for their years of service to the company and the Croton Fire Department.

The honorees were Vito Calcutti Sr., Donald "Tex" Fagan, John Giglio and Harold Waters.  These men have given over 62, 70, 70 and 59 years, respectively.

The two senior-most men, Mr. Fagan and Mr. Giglio, both joined the department's ranks at the age of 16 in 1944, during World War II.  With so many of our village's men off fighting the war, it left our ranks in the department thin, thus requiring the membership age to drop from 18 to 16.

Reflecting on their time in the department, our Company Historian, Stephen Dominello, pointed out that when all of these men joined our company, we were operating a 1932 fire apparatus, only the second motorized piece in our fleet, succeding the horse-drawn types of earlier years.

When our M.C. of the night, Vice President Gerry Munson, opened up the floor for the honorees or their families to speak, one of the more entertaining stories came from Mr. Calcutti's wife, Virginia, who told how Vito used to keep his clothes folded and ready for fire calls, and how his mother - who was less than fond of him being a firefighter - would sit on them and urge him not to go.  Luckily for all of us, she finally gave in.

Proclamations in recognition of their many years of service were received by Senator Greg Ball and Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino.  Chief William Vlad, Assistant Chief Chris Colombo, Captain Mike Feminella - as well as Mr. Dominello and Mr. Munson - all offered their memories of these fine men.

(PHOTO from left to right, Assistant Chief Chris Colombo, Captain Mike Feminella, 70 Year Member Donald "Tex" Fagan, 62 Year Member Vito Calcutti Sr., 70 Year Member John Giglio and Chief William Vlad).  Mr. Waters was unable to attend the ceremony; click on the photo.)

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